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Key Points of Ireland 1) Leading Global Companies are in Ireland These include companies like Boston Scientific, Apple, Intel, Pfizer, IBM, Citi, Facebook, Yahoo, Google and LinkedIn as well as:  2) Eight of the world’s top ten ICT companies, 3) Eight of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical and life science companies. 4) Half of the world’s major financial services companies.  5) Ireland’s graduates are innovators in their fields, leaders in their communities and ambassadors for excellence all around the world. 6) Ireland has 5 universities in the top 300 overall rankings (QS) 7) Ireland in sixth place globally for number of universities in top 200 relative to GDP. 8) The costs of studying in Ireland also compare favorably with international options with tuition for many full-time undergraduate programs in the range US$11, 000 to US$16, 000. 9) While studying in Ireland, International students can work part time 20 hrs per week. 10) You can study and work in Ireland with Excellent wages at 8-9 euro. Employment and stay back option: An international student on an F1 VISA is permitted to work part time on campus limited to 20 hours per week but not off campus during the first year of study. The education institution shall grant permission for off campus work after the first year of study. The DHS/ICE may grant permission for off campus employment after their first year is cases of demonstrated economics hardship. Ireland Ireland provides a unique program where the students can work part time on internship which helps to enhance the technical skills and experience. Beautiful green environment. Comparatively Low expenses. A Student can work part time i.e 20 hrs per week on Paid internship. 15 Years education is accepted. Get post study work visa for min 1yr and apply for green card. Get admissions with or without IELTS score. As few universities have IELTS waiver only if student has scored 60% and above in English subject. Students can work full time during off sessions. Students get a 1 stay back option for work permit. Dependents can fly only if the student is going for Masters. The bank statement requirement is 50% of the fees+ 1yr living expenses. The living expense in Ireland is of 2 kinds Inner London which is 9000 pounds p.a (900 p.m) and Outer London which is 7200 pounds p.a.(800 p.m) Visa fees are 4400 INR for Single entry and 7200 for multiple entry + vfs service charge of 3040 INR. And processing time Is 12 weeks maximum. Visa is valid for 1 yr as they will be showing 1 yr tuition fees and living expenses. The bank statement should be 6months old. We can get offer letter in 2 or 3 weeks and in top universities maximum 4 weeks to issue offer letter. Documents required for admission are: Bachelors with 55% Ielts 5.5 minumum for U.G For masters 6.0 Ielts Educational scanned copies from 10th, Resume Payment o processing fees. 2 Recommendation letter. SOP. Students have to physically present for visa interview. Initially student’s gets 3months visa validity and it can be extended. Documents required for visa: Bank Statement- 6months + 7000 Euros each month+ 150Euros for international students. The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment gives the details and requirements on their Graduate Scheme page. Here's what they say about Permission to Remain: "Persons who qualify under this scheme will be granted one non-renewable extension to their current student permission (Stamp 2) for a six month period starting on the date upon which the person receives their exam results. The purpose of the permission to remain under this Scheme is to seek employment and gain a Green Card or Work Permit." Call 8088-87-867 and visit

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